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As a strong woman with lots of flaws I try to read books with characters who are similar. I like reading books with characters I can relate to and who’s flaws match my own. In 2011, I found my now favorite author of all time. I was hooked from the moment I read her book The Opportunist. Tarryn Fisher puts her soul into her books. She has a raw honesty about her which is something I admire. She has a Facebook group, Tarryn Fisher’s Passionate Little Nutcases, that focuses on empowering women. She has a fashion blog. She is fucking amazing. If you get a chance go take a look at her Instagram. It’s beautiful.

Anyways, about a week after my husband and I called it quits she released a book called Fuck Marriage. It took me another three or four weeks to actually read it. All the feelings and grief about my failed marriage were still there. Fisher has a way of cutting my heart open and make me face my feelings. So it took me a while. When I did read, it did not disappoint.

The story is a journey that a woman takes to finding herself and what she truly wants out of her life following her divorce. Fuck Marriage starts off with a woman named Billie who is moving back to New York after two years and is going to face her cheating ex-husband, Woods. He’s an asshole by the way. She concocts a plan to steal her husband back from the woman he cheated on her with. Her ex’s best friend, Satcher convinces her to return to her old business, a successful blog, which she sold to him. Returning to work means she has to face her ex, who also owns part of the business, and his mistress who was her former employee.

Hallway through her plan to get her husband back, her friend Satcher shows her that she doesn’t need him. They start to fall in love. He was what she needed. He was patient, supportive and pushed back against her.

The rest of the story is them resisting their love for each other. The one thing I hate about the book is the random baby storyline. Satcher ends up having a baby with his ex. I didn’t think it was needed for the story progression. But besides that I loved the story.

You don’t have to be divorced to relate to the characters. It reminds me to not take what I have for granted and everything I need has always been right in my face.


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